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Wolontariuszki Bona Fides monitorują Szlak Zabytków Techniki. Na początek Nikiszowiec

Wolontariuszki Bona Fides monitorują Szlak Zabytków Techniki. Na początek Nikiszowiec

Hi!! We are Nino from Georgia and Laura from Spain, two EVS working for Bona Fides. As you probably know, in the upcoming months we will be travelling around Silesia region, monitoring the Industrial Monuments Route.

Bona Fides

Bona Fides

Stowarzyszenie Wzajemnej Pomocy BONA FIDES jest niezależną, niedochodową i niezaangażowaną politycznie organizacją pozarządową. Celem naszej działalności jest rozwój społeczeństwa obywatelskiego i podnoszenie jakości życia publicznego w Polsce.

The goal is to gather information about each site and expose their shortcomings. Thus, we will make the Route more attractive to all visitors and we will provide an easier access to it for foreigners too. So, after developing a special tool for it, we were ready to begin our adventure!

REKLAMA Wirtualizacja IT z SANSEC Poland!

We decided to start with Nikiszowiec. This is a beautiful district on the outskirts of Katowice, where time appears to have been stopped more than a century ago. A neighbourhood originally created to host coalmine workers and their families in 1908, Nikiszowiec serves nowadays as a wonderful background for movies and a magical place to get lost for a while.

The first step was checking websites on the Internet. The main problem we encountered was language barrier. We could find an official website (http://nikiszowiec.pl/), but the information there is only in Polish. We also checked “History of Katowice” museum’s website (http://www.mhk.katowice.pl/) and unfortunately that one is only in Polish as well.

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Then, we went to Tourist Information Centre where the polite woman who was working there could talk in several languages, so she answered all the questions we asked. She also gave us a lot of brochures and informative leaflets in English.

So, with all that information, we went to Nikiszowiec. It’s indeed a unique place different from anything else we had seen before. We went into the museum. Muzeum Historii Katowic is rather small but very interesting. On the first floor paintings of Polish painters are exhibited (Paweł Wróbel, Teofil Ociepka, Erwin Sówka, Edward Gawlik). On the second floor, the exhibition tells us the day-to-day stories of Silesia’s working class, that was primarily miner. We could find information about their living conditions in the mid-19th century: clothing, tools and household items are exhibited there. You can discover an arranged laundry. One of the things that got our attention the most of all was the wall full of old soaps. Near this exhibition there is also some information translated into English and German languages.

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Inside the museum, there is a Tourist Information Centre too, but they have the same brochures and leaflets that they did in Katowice’s Centre, if so, in a lot less foreign languages. The woman that was working there, who was very kind and friendly, answered gladly all sort of questions in English and she also gifted us with a book about Nikiszowiec’s history. She knew plenty of interesting remarks about the history of Katowice, Nikiszowiec and the exhibition in the museum. So we learnt a lot there, but we would advise that the museum will have some more information available in foreign languages. For example, it would be better if we could find all the information near the exhibition translated to other languages.

On the other hand, as Nikiszowiec is a place in which what is striking is not so much the museum itself, but the streets and buildings of the neighbourhood, to be honest, we really miss a small guided tour around its captivating streets, maybe following the model of the already worldwide famous 'free walking tours'. Organizing a short walk, while telling a few stories and remarks about the place, would be key to attracting more visitors, and for them to go back home with the feeling that they know (and love) the site – because we genuinely believe that everybody that will set foot on Nikiszowiec will leave a bit of their hearts there. We certainly did.

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To sum up, we would absolutely recommend visiting this settlement, including the museum, which has been recently renovated and looks very modern. The ticket price is 5 zł, although they offer students and families interesting discounts (3zł and 8 zł), and you can enjoy a beverage at the cosy resting area or buy some postcards your friends will love!

Nino Nikuradze i Laura León

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