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Nikiszowiec to magiczne miejsce. "Poczułam się jakbym znalazła się XIX wieku"

Nikiszowiec to magiczne miejsce. "Poczułam się jakbym znalazła się  XIX wieku"

Poznajcie Nino, wolontariuszkę Bona Fides.

Bona Fides

Bona Fides

Stowarzyszenie Wzajemnej Pomocy BONA FIDES jest niezależną, niedochodową i niezaangażowaną politycznie organizacją pozarządową. Celem naszej działalności jest rozwój społeczeństwa obywatelskiego i podnoszenie jakości życia publicznego w Polsce.

My name is Nino and I’m from Georgia. If you don’t know yet, I’m a new EWS volunteer for "Bona Fides".

REKLAMA Bezpieczne pozycjonowanie stron w wyszukiwarkach!

After my long trip from Georgia to Poland, finally I’m here, in Katowice. As it’s just two weeks, since I’m here, it’s difficult for me to talk about the city but what I can say for sure is that I like my new residential city where I will live for 9 months.

Now I’ll try to share my first impressions. When I arrived at Katowice railway station, Ewa and Natalia met me. They are very attentive and nice girls. Natalia took me to my flat by her car and I was asking a lot of questions on the way home and she explained everything to me. I was really surprised when I saw my new accomodation. It’s Nikiszowiec, a fantastic place. It’s a very old district and I like it very much. For me it’s a little bit mysterious place and when I’m walking around my district, I feel like I’m in the 19th century. I have read that Nikiszowiec was established 102 years ago. It was designed by Emil and George Zillmann. I have an unusual and beautiful view from my window.

GALERIA Jak górnik strzałowy spotkał Dalajlamę, Marek doszedł na koniec świata a Mateusz otarł się o śmierć. Podróżnicy ze Śląska

In the first days I was living alone and Ewa helped me to discover Katowice. I’m in love with modern buildings which are in the centre of Katowice. I was taking photos and was sharing them with my friends on facebook to make them jealous of what a beautiful place I’m living in. On Monday I went to the office and whole staff met me very warmly. I believe that we will cooperate and I’ll learn a lot of things from them.

Then my Spanish flatmate Laura came. She is a very cute girl. We have similar personalities. We both are fun-loving and motivated youngsters. So when we have spare time we always share our experience with each other. We try to compare Polish, Spanish and Georgian values, culture, traditions and so on. We started our project and this week we hope to finish writing our tools for monitoring and we will visit one of Industrial Monuments and observe it. Our boss Grzegorz gives us advices and he also involved us in a very interesting training about “Public Information”. Besides this, in this NGO a lot of projects are implemented and we will try to involve in these projects. Our lovely employees will help us do it.

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Yesterday I enjoyed ice-breakings which our mentor Ilona conducted for us. Now we know a little bit more about each others’ countries and about ourselves.
I hope I didn’t bother you.

Do widzenia! (I hope that my Polish language will be better thanks to my Polish course in Silesia State University and to the great staff).

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