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Dziewczyny z Bona Fides udowadniają, że wolontariat to świetna przygoda

Dziewczyny z Bona Fides udowadniają, że wolontariat to świetna przygoda

I guess you've read Nino's entry a couple of weeks ago, so it's time that I introduce myself too.

Bona Fides

Bona Fides

Stowarzyszenie Wzajemnej Pomocy BONA FIDES jest niezależną, niedochodową i niezaangażowaną politycznie organizacją pozarządową. Celem naszej działalności jest rozwój społeczeństwa obywatelskiego i podnoszenie jakości życia publicznego w Polsce.

My name is Laura and I'm Spanish. I arrived to Katowice a month ago and, up until now, it's been a wonderful start to this adventure. I enjoy everything that I do for Bona Fides and I'm learning a lot. I have a great flat-mate and I've also met fantastic people at the office: they're absolutely friendly and they always lend a hand with anything I need. And they are helping me with my polish too. This far, they’ve taught me: kubek, krzesło, naprawdę, idealnie and miłego dnia. So I guess I'm really close to being able to have a conversation in polish, what do you think?

REKLAMA Bezpieczne pozycjonowanie stron w wyszukiwarkach!

As you probably know, in the upcoming months, Nino and I will be travelling around Silesia region, visiting the Industrial Monuments Route. The goal is to gather information about each site and expose their shortcomings. Thus, we will make the Route more attractive to all visitors and we will provide an easier access to it for foreigners as well.

But first things first: before we really started our monitoring we had to go to Warsaw for our on-arrival training. It lasted a week and it gave us the chance to meet other EVS and to visit Poland’s capital.

GALERIA Siemianowickie ranczo odmieniło jego życie

It’s been a very intense week. Full of fun and absolutely exhausting.

Every day we would get up and have breakfast together and, around 9.30, the training started. At first we played some integration games that allowed us to get to know each other better. We also had some activities which would familiarize us with our new environment: different country, different culture and different people. Besides, we had the chance to talk about our projects (I was surprised to find out how heterogeneous they are: going from teaching in a school to working in a forest landscape park or organizing cultural events) and help each other, giving some ideas and advice, so everyone could make the most out of their EVS experience. Moreover, I’ve find 22 good excuses (one per volunteer) to visit different cities and travel around Poland.

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Now, I came back to Katowice full of energy and motivation to learn and enjoy as much as I can for the next 8 months.

Volunteering is a whole new experience for me and, honestly, I’m having a great time doing it so far.

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Laura Leon Batista